How do I go about re-fixing things with this guy?

Long story short, there is this teacher aid who has been at my school for a couple years. Little minor things happened, not often but I kind of hated him and I new he sort of hated me. This year he is making so obvious he doesn't like me. This is a new year and as the turtle said on Kung Fu Panda, "Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery and today is a gift", I just wanna get along with him, well at least not leave high school with a bad impression.

His being childish about all of this and quite frankly needs to go a pair and act mature so I decided I was going to make the first attempt.

My only problem is how do I go about re fixing things with him?


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  • maybe do something really corny like buy a big red apple and put a note with it on his desk saying "I'm sorry for being childish and being a hassle to you" Elizabeth*


    I would think it was sweet if I was a teacher...

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