What to wear on an outdoor first date?

I know casual is the way to go but what could I add to still look a bit sexc? :) It's a first date and we are having a sunset picnic at the park :) Girls what would you wear? (try to be specific please!) Guys if you want to answer you can too, what do you like girls to wear on an outdoor date?

P.S the weather where I am is supposed to be warm!


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  • yeah but even a sunset in the best of places can still feel cold, so you don't want to be showing to much, but a nice fitted dress for the date with a nice coat incase it gets a little chilli, let him see what your about, but leave plenty to the imagination, this is important, because it keeps us guy more interested if we get a little at a time, that's why the saying goes, " only fools rush in" so show him what you can look like, it will be taken in pleasantly, but take a coat to cover up, I would suggest the black knee length fitted dress, it convinces me your look stunning,x

  • This depends on the weather. If it is in the 70's, you should wear a nice pair of skinny jeans with a sexy camisole with comfortable shoes. Bring a sweater just in case.


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