Question about etiquette?

I sent a guy a really long e-mail and he replies with a pretty short response and he says "I'm sorry for the shortness of my e-mail but my inbox is FULL and a lot of my messages are for school." and then he says "talk to you soon." It also sounds pretty impersonal in comparison to his other e-mails.

I don't know if this means he wants to hear from me soon or if this is just the way that he signs all his e-mails.

Also, I first e-mailed him cause I thought he was attractive and I wanted to date him but now I'm thinking that it probably doesn't matter since I've already decided that somebody else is better for me... (at least I think I've decided this way)

It takes forever for me to figure out what to say in each of my e-mails... well he probably responds without even thinking... mainly I feel like he is more attractive than me so I put more effort into getting to know him.

There is another guy I'm not exceptionally attracted to but he is RICH (multimillionaire) and then there is another guy that I like very much but he is 20 years old (I am 26) so it probably wouldn't work out... and I think it's very obvious to him that I like him.


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  • I never liked emails because they don't convey emotions very well. I think you're looking too much into this.


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