She contacted me after three years, should I even reply?

guy's opinion welcome

so we, both over 25, met over three years ago, basically doing an activity class at the gym together. Then we got closer, and met each other about once a week for about two months. We only kissed and only two times touched more intimately but no sex, nothing serious. She was the first girl I kissed, basically I experimented on her, I guess she had more experience, although she said she was shy.

I may think that she was attracted by me for he gadgets she saw that I owned projecting probably to her an image that I'm not a poor guy, (but I tell you I'm not at all rich). Some things in her speech like having children, marriage, wanting to know my family etc were not quite OK to me, and I sent her a message after those two months that we can not see each other anymore, and since then we didn't see each other.

She then contacted me after two months after break up asking to be just friends, but unfortunately it was the day when I was about to leave the country indefinitely. I returned long ago, and don't know how she knows my birthday date, but she wished me happy birthday in an email and wants to get back in contact.

she's hotter and more beautiful than an average, me the same, but I don't understand what reasons she has to get back in contact, and if I should reply to her, or what should I tell her in reply ?

many thanks guys!

and girls if you can give any advice!


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  • well if you still have feelings for her then its your choice if you wanna see her or not...if you truly like her and miss her then go for it!

    i give her props though for contacting you like it shows she must really have strong feelings for you and cares to see you again


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  • Tell her everything you just said!

  • I think you should go for it and contacted her

  • she probably intends to get back together or she really misses you and appreciates you as a person thus would like to stay friends with you...the question is, do you (still) have romantic feelings for her? I suggest you write her a casual email asking how how she's know, just to be polite, or for the old time's sake


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