How do you want to be treated?

How do you want to be treated? What the things you love? What is the things you hate? I really want to know how you girls want to be treated? What makes you happy? What make you upset? What bothers you the most? What makes you feel down? What is the best way to make you up? How to make you feel that you are the one?

I'll be veeeery glad, If a girl make me know!


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  • I want to be treated respectfully.

    I love music, movies, magazines, books, long walks in the park, & looking up at the moon on a cool night outside.

    I hate when people are really pessimistic & when all they do is complain & not do anything. I find it aggravating. I hate it when someone acts like they're better than everyone else & people follow because they believe it too. I hate when people are constantly insulting themselves in front of someone else as if they're trying to get a compliment. I hate being ignored.

    I want to be reassured that this guy won't leave me, that I won't be abandoned, that even if he's not my lover, he'll be there anyway.

    It makes me happy when someone surprises me & does something nice & thoughtful.

    It makes me upset when someone repeatedly insults me to make themselves feel good. Or when someone tests my patience with keeping me waiting on something.

    What bothers me is when people make other people feel bad about themselves or they try to.

    I feel down when I see the guy that I like treat another girl, the exact way he treated me or better.

    The best way to make it up to me is just to do something that you think is thoughtful. That's enough.

    To make me feel that I'm the one? What you usually do for a girl you really like. That's all.


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  • i want to be treated with respect. I want someone to love me for who I really am and not just looks or body or popularity or anything like that. I want to be comforted when I'm sad and also I want a guy who would love to spend time with me and not act as if it's his job and he has to spend time with you like it or not. and also I want to be able to trust him with any secret and be loyal to me.

    i'd also like him to be compassionate and understanding.

    what bothers me is being too moody. sometimes it's fine though because everyone goes through bad times. I hate it if I can't trust them or if they're too full of themselves. or if they're mean to people.

    or be too secretive.

    • How you can trust them?

    • well if a girl tells you a secret or something important just keep your mouth shut and don't tell anyone! and also show then that you trust them too and let them know that they are the only person that know something about you.

  • I want to know you love me

    I want you to tell me I'm beautiful :)

    be a little of a bad boy ( slap my ass for a joke or have me up against the wall while we kiss )

    it makes me upset to see you with other girls

    you make me happy

    I'm down when you're not texting me or calling me all day

    the best way to make me up is : cute love texts , be romantic , cuddle , hugs , long kisses , tell me you love me .

    I knok that girls wants their boyfriend to : kiss their neck , pull them close , love them without make up , but their lips , miss them



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