I'm having an awkward moment with my boyfriend when we kiss. What should I do?

Well.. I have this Boyfriend.. and we kiss almost all time when we're together.. what I hate when we are kissing is his doing it the french way.. which I don't like.. I prefer light kissing, like romantic..

well.. what should I do with him? I felt like he always want to do that... seems awkward.. but I still love him.. it just turns me off every time he does that


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  • u will feel awkward about it until it is new to u...once you get used to it u'll do it better than him...!


    • you think so ? well I don't seem like french kissing. wahaha

    • does it rock really ? haha

    • yess if you two really want it to~! :P

What Girls Said 1

  • bahhaaahaa...guess we are in the same boat dear.i even myself feel weird every time I do that,first time was awesome.but then next,i am really not into it.in my opinion french kiss is more like a lust kiss,like no love on it.so I would prefer a normal one :)

    • yeah right.. it's like lust,

      seems like no love involved.. seems awkward right?

    • exactly :D

    • wahah.. well but there comes a point. when I'm in good mood, I like it ..

      but most of the time.. I dislike it. hahaa. weird though..