Do you think I'm picky?

i think I am a little to be honest. the thing is I have a hard time getting the attention of guys I like... but then again I've been asked out 5 times. the first two were from fb and since I didn't really know them I turned them down (and one of them was waaaay too desperate Because when I said no he asked if any of my friends were single!), the next one was short, too quiet and shy and I wasn't really attracted to him. the other was too loud and immature and looked 4/5 years younger than me but was in fact my age and he was a head shorter. and the other is a close friend of mine. I talk to him online a lot but in real life he doesn't even try to talk to me. he's incredibly nice but I'm just not attracted to him in that way. so do you think I had a good reason to turn them all down or am I being too choosy/ picky? and do you think there's a reason that I attract guys who aren't my type?


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  • You have an orah about you that just screams "badboy" I get the impression that your looking for a guy who can excite you at the very thought of just being his girlfriend, which explains why you think your picky, but to be realistic, these guys that you would be attracted to will bounce your emotions around like a tennis ball, so forget that option, because you obviously have something about you that gets guys wanting to show you attention, so join a gym, you know where all the fit guys go lol, and wait for some attention, because like I said, there sounds to be something about you that draws guy in with the need to give you attention, put that to good use and get a guy worthy of your talents, and don't settle for one of these bad boy images that will only end up deflating that orah about you, good luck,x

    • the badboy part actually makes sense! but then how do I get totally ignored by the guys I like? they're not all badboys though some are actually really sweet and nice.

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    • thankyou. your answer really helped :)

    • I'm pleased I could help,x

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  •'s fine to be picky, I am picky myself and I found the perfect guy for me at the age of 20.. As long as your concepts are logically supported then you should stick to them and wait for the guy who is the closest to your expectations .. don't worry.

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