Can texting on the phone or writing on Facebook get enoying? -girls

Do you like if a guy starts texting you on the phone or writing on Facebook? LIke one conversation per day or does it get annoying after a while?

Do you wait for the guy (crush) to write to you or do you start the conversation if he doesn't?

thank you in advance


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  • I get easily annoyed by people who randomly talk to me on fb/mobile.. I am fine with my boyfriend doing it of course, but otherwise it gets pretty annoying :) .. however back in high school I loved it when random people , or guys I crushed on messaged me or smth ..

    - Yea girls tend to wait for the guy to start a conversation just so they won't feel like a pain in the butt if they start the talking .. but again, we are all different :)


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  • Personally, I would prefer if everyone I spoke to spoke to me first, because I feel like I'm annoying them, especially when they don't reply. and With a guy I like, if I say hey and he doesn't reply it kinda feels like they rejected you, if that makes sense.

    It never gets annoying if people talk to me on Facebook, or if they text me.

  • if I like the guy as a boyfriend no;.. if not yes ... I feel like I'm being annoying to my crush so I don't do it to much and I get super nervous when calling, texting


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  • why not call her...

    wtf is wrong with people, why do we all have to be so impersonal and text or FB or BLAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

    • you become a tad bit more nervous when you call a crush

    • true, but you make the point that you have the balls to do it...not saying you dont, don't get me wrong...its just more formal