I was invited to a St Patrick's Day Party... But haven't heard anything from him about it since.

He invited me last month, told me not to make plans for that Saturday, because he is having a party at his house. He wanted me to go, he said he would keep me informed on the details closer to time for it. We have talked a few times since, but haven't talked in the last two or three weeks. There is only 2 days left until the day of the party. Is it safe to say I've been blown off? I haven't contacted him, because I felt like I was always the one keeping contact, I haven't asked about the party because I thought if he wanted me there, he'd let me know more. I saw on Facebook one of his friends left him a comment saying how they can't wait until Saturday for the party... So I know its still on.


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  • Text him and ask him ''whats the craic with Saturday''

    Seriously, nice and simple, nothing to over think...

    Do it NoOoOwWwW =)

  • I'd text him with "What time is your party this Saturday?"


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