What should I do next time I see her?

Me and this girl have gone on three perfect dates. But long story short she wants to go really slow together because she has never done any of this before...I was her first kiss and I will hopefully be her first boyfriend and ect... We have spent over 20 hours together on the three dates and now that it is spring break we are texting a lot instead of seeing each other. A couple days ago we texted off and on for 10 hours then switched to MSN for a couple hours and then the next day we talked on MSN for 3 hours. I really think she likes me but I don't know what I should do.

Am I supposed to tell her how I feel? Should I ask her what we can do to make sure we don't get stuck as friends if we keep going slow? After the first kiss she said she isn't ready to take it that far yet so I haven't kissed her since the second date...should I try to kiss her next time we are together? Last time we were out she was cold so I put my arm around her and stroked her arm/shoulder to warm her up and she was completely fine with it. Then over break when I didn't text her for one day, she texted me the next day. So I guess that main question is what should I do/how should I approach this? I like her a ton and don't want to screw this up.


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  • Don't do anything to go too fast at this point-

    If she really likes you, she'll take things at her own pace. Do things as a response to her needs- not as a way to move things ahead. Talk to her as you like, be honest with your feelings, but be absolutely considerate and adjust to her needs. You've got the experience, now you need to take care of her slowly, not try to bring her up to speed.

    • Good answer.

      Q/A., You are not going to turn into friends, by going slow, when that's what she requested. You will however, run the risk of alienating her, if you are just trying to 'handle' her to get her up to where you want her.

      Shell sense your motives are not genuine& lose attraction for u. She told she wants to go slow, it means she's not ready to go beyond what uve done.Let her let you know when she's ready to move it up. Well, that's what id want, in going slow, when I had no experience.

    • Well that's the thing. You both kind of have it wrong :P she was my first kiss, she will be my first boyfriend(hopefully), and I'm a virgin haha. My motives are to get into a real relationship with her and see where it goes because she is amazing :) we are going really slow and I am completely fine with it. My only concern is just becoming a friend because I want to be with her and it would be awesome if she was my first relationship.

    • Mm..Well, I don't know much about her, so all I can say is- go with your gut. Be you, do what you think is right, and do what you're comfortable with. If she ends up not liking you for you, then there's not much you can do...

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