Do I leave him or do I go for someone I know will make me happy?

My boyfriend and I Haven't been together long but I have known him for a while now. I thought he knew me, and maybe he does know me but isn't accepting of who or how I am. He has a stereotype he wants me to fit and I just can't be that way. We argue every day, 3-4 out of 7 days it ends with me in tears and I have even thought about hurting myself that's how mean some of the things he says are. "M" my friend is always there for me, and tries his best to cheer me up. He's the one whos there for me the minute I wake up until the second I fall asleep. I know he's interested in me and I can't help but be attracted to him... What should I do?


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  • It's been said that nobody is responsible for your happiness except YOU. Don't blame someone else.

    Someone else can enhance that happiness, though.

    • I know that my own happiness depends on me but I would forever feel guilty leaving someone and then going to someone else... Even if it means I could possibly be happier...

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  • Dump the jerk. That's what you should do. You haven't been with him that long and he is already treating you like crap. Trust me they don't get better they only get worse as time goes on. The beginning of the relationship is when they are on their best behavior. Get out now before you get hurt anymore. He doesn't deserve spend your time getting to know the other guy who appreciates you for you.

    • even though he hates so much about me, he's trying to get used to it even though he makes stupid commnets. He's a really shy guy who just wants a "perfect girlfriend" don't think I can be that.

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