Not quite sure what's going on

im 18 and she's 24. we have gotten way past the age difference and really like each other. We are at the "more than friends" point but haven't completely crossed the barrier yet. She has told me that she is talking to other people, but I think we are more serious than them.

Before we started talking a guy passed her over. Now he coming back around again( we all work at the same gym) I asked her if she still likes him and she said she didn't know. I think she does. She says they are close friends but she doesn't know if its more than that... what the hell does that mean? I know she really likes me, I just wonder if she really likes him too and not knowing is really starting to bother me.

Should I be worried? Maybe I'm just reading way too much into things and they are just friends. but if I'm right and she does still like him, then where does that leave me? You can like two people but you can only love one.


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  • Yea you should be worried. I don't know really means she does like him


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