Should I still talk to him even if it's only on net?

I have this guy that I really like and I don't know what to do. His sister, my brother, and my friends keep telling me he really likes me but I'm the type of girl who don't believe in rumors or something like that. This year he will go to a very far place and I know I can't be able to see him. It made me sad and the night after our last meeting I immediately chat him... I asked him who does he like but he never answered me, I asked him if he like this beautful girl who really loves her but he said no... Am I too aggressive that I have to stop talking to him because he might not like me because of my childish attitude... he is a very shy, quiet guy who never tell what he feels easily to anyone


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  • Tell him that you like him. And talk to him even if over internet. Things do not start to be perfect from one second to another. Some things are build. And he is shy. So build this contact and trust with him.

    My guess is that he is into you. So I think it will take time but it will be great :).


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