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I have a serious crush on a guy and he likes me back. Neither of us have actually admitted this aloud, but it's obvious. He lives a ways away from me, though, and we're both without transportation. We text all the time and try to hang out as much as we can when we're both in town for class (twice a week), but obviously this isn't the same as dating. He's getting a car soon, but that means we're stuck as "just close friends" until then.

And then...4 weeks after he gets his car I'm supposed to go back home for the summer and he's staying here. This is where I don't know what to do. My family really wants to see me and I do miss home, but I like this guy so much...I really don't want to leave him for 2 months, especially not right after he gets his car and we're able to finally date for real, I mean we've been waiting for so long...I wish I could just take him with me, but he has work :( What should I do? I don't have to go back home, it hasn't been set in stone, but then if I cancel what would I tell my folks?


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  • Long distance relationships don't work.

    Long distance relationships don't work.

    Long distance relationships don't work.

    Long distance relationships don't work.

    Are you getting the picture? When you develop feelings for someone, you need that person close to you all the time. That's why LDR almost always fail, and the few that don't require a HUGE commitment and HUGE sacrifice, and that's not something that most people are prepared to deal with. And even if you think YOU are, chances are that HE isn't.

    So, unless you like months of agony and loneliness, don't make the mistake of getting into a LDR. Find someone who lives close to you to date, or agree to hold off until school starts again, IF he's still single then.

    • It wouldn't be a long distance relationship unless we decide to be in a relationship while I'm away in the summer. When I'm not visiting family I actually only live half an hour away from him, which is just far enough to cause problems when neither of us have a car. It's really because I don't believe in LDRs I'm worried about leaving for the summer and want to stay here I guess...

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