Given up of every find nice guy always guys who verbal abuse me and call me names and even get violent

i am given up on every finding decent guy I have handling knack of finding knack of find guys who calls me names and verbal abuse and insult ,threating me ,intimating me , intimate me guys who tells me lies and make fool out of me .reject me in very harsh way .

even get violent I even called names on site I was called bitch.

they made it clear other girls are better worth knowing and not me I waste of time . they show too by calling other girls top model and beautiful

i find guys are only nice to other girls not me ever

so may I was meant to have love or boyfreind even fling

i have enough they win and I lose other girls are better I am waste of time .given up is all I can .

alot I meet cold harsh players and very mean very shallow I tried every to meet nice guy I keep ending up meeting these

any explaintion here to mystery

why is happen me what did I do please help me


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  • your just going for the so called players and thinking they are the nice ones but they arnt stop going for the players


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