He isn't making any effort, what do I do?

We both have admitted to liking one another, I've told him I think he is cute and he's told me that he thinks I am lovely and very pretty and that he'd like to see me and get to know me better.

At work he shows me a lot of interest, getting close to me when we are alone, sending me sweet smiles etc. But it's a different story when we are texting, sometimes he can be really sweet virtually but sometimes he can be short, which confuses me. I feel like I am making all the effort, I want him to ask me out, but he just doesn't seem to be taking the hint.


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  • Give him less subtle one. Like "Why won't you ask me out already?" question. Some guys just does not notice. But those guys like it when you tell them straight.

    Or if it is too much and does not feel right, then invite him to do some activity with you, what you do. That might be good step in between. Spending some time together without actually being on date already.

    • I text him last week saying "So when are you taking me out then? ;) " and he suggested we do something that weekend, but when it came to it, he cancelled, said he was too knackered from working all week, I am worried that asking him again will look too keen?

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    • Ok, well I think he has the day off on Sunday, and from the looks of it I am going to be in town anyway Sunday morning/day because I am going to be at my mates Saturday night, so I could text and ask if he wants to meet for a coffee in town for an hour or so? It sounds less like a date that way.

    • Sounds good. Good idea.

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