Prom date perhaps?

[size=14]Ok it's not a completely important that I have a date to my senior prom, but it would cool to have you know since I've never been asked out in HS [i](only once in middle school...)[/i]

Well back on track I sort of have a crush on this boy I don't even know... [i](I feel stupid)[/i] I think he's cute and he is quite smart[i] (from his classes and the why he speaks/ opinions etc etc).[/i] And I'm one to love to make new friends but I don't know how to introduce myself to the guy w/o feeling weird bout it... I don't want to scare him away.

My friend [i](let's call her C)[/i] 'knows' him (he's in her 2 of her classes) and (she was jokily saying she'd set us up)... would try to see if he had a date to prom. Well she DIDN'T ask him... instead she asked if he knew me (asking by my name!), he said (according to her) that he knew OF me ...but I didn't catch the rest since I had to get to class... [i](but she didn't even mention prom at least...) [/i]I'm afraid everything is messed up but C reassured me it's fine... *sigh*

So I was talking to my other friend (let's call her R) and she said that she WOULDN'T mention my name and ask him if he had a date to prom and go from there, since they're friends. She claimed it would be easier for her to ask him about it...

Is it a bad idea to have them to ask ? And would it be a bad idea to have her find someway for him and I to meet and be introduced so then it would be easier to casually ask to combine prom groups and progressive get to know each other W/O jumping right into asking him out ,UNLESS he asks me in the span of a month [i](prom April 20ish)[/i] which I doubt but you never know...

But if all else fails I plan to just go up to the boy, say hi, apologize for any misunderstandings and go from there...*sigh*

Please help me out and ask for clarification if I didn't make sense...[/size]


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  • I'm not gonna totally answer your question. Instead, I am going to share a little wisdom. I didn't get asked out in high school. I didn't get asked to prom. I took my best friend from a different school and we had a blast. The guy I liked had been ditched by his date so we danced together and with him the entire night. Don't worry if no one asks you. Keep your chin up :)

    • Aw thanks that works cute story

      Well R messaged him askin if he was going to prom and If not then "her friend" ( no names were said ) would like to meet up AND he said he might not go to prom but wouldn't mind meeting me (still no names) and she said I'd say Hi so I plan to do it on Monday if I see him.

      Saying: "Hi_how are you_ you know R right_ another ? did you have a convo with her bout prom and a friend of hers you'll meet_dont be creeped out I'm that friend ... and so on"

      How bout that?

    • Sounds great! Good luck and keep me updated :)

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