Why does my female friend allways wait for me to initate calls?

I used to have a crush on her. She turned me down, and later even revealed she is feeling the women and not men, and never even liked men ever.

I accept she doesn't like me but why can't she initiate a phone call? She constantly does things to get my attention until I give it to her.

Like she'll sit within a proximity of me and not speak or something.

But soon as I speak everything is cool.

I just want to see initiative on her behalf. Chasing after a woman is cool, but chasing after a woman that I no longer like and I know nothing will happen is lame.


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  • If a woman expects you to dominate the relationship by making all the connections and calls there are two possibilities

    a) she is manipulating you by acting coy or playing hard to get so that she can use you for whatever benefits she may want from you such as time, attention, money, an ego boost, free rides to places etc...


    b) she likes you

    • I know for certain she doesn't like me. I know that 100% for sure.

      As far as part A, the oppurtunity for her to use me was when I asked her on a date and she said no. Other then that that was the only oppurtunity. I would like to think if she was going to try to use me she would try to be flirtacious and be a little more aggresive.

      Our converstations are actually deep. We talk about past relationships, goals, dreams, strengths, weakness, childhood, learning experiences, news...

    • Maybe she is using you for emotional support? It's not necessarily a horrible thing to do. If you are going through something serious and the only person who is wiling to listen to you is a guy who likes you... by all means unload on him if he is willing to listen and can accept the fact that you don't feel the same way but nonetheless they are still using you for a purpose.

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