How can I ask a girl to hang out even if just as friends?

I want to watch a movie I don't want to go with another guy, so I want to ask a girl to go.


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  • tell her you want to see a movie and if she has any interest in seeing it with you

    • That works but it is har

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  • yeah. just ask like yu would a guy friend.

    no biggy. say yu'd rather go with a girl then a guy.


  • Just ask like you would a guy =)

    she's not an alien or anything.. right? =)

    • What do I say though

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    • ask her what she likes

      or if there is any movies going

      right now that she would like

      to watch, and get tickets for those =)

    • I guess

  • just be friendly crack jokes and form a friendship and be like I'm going to see this movie on Saturday you wanna come I'm so stoked for this movie! and be like you can bring your friends too if you want


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  • Just tell her straight up. Girls tend to be more open-minded to friendships (oddly, not relationships, though) than guys. If you're okay with being just friends, then trust me, she will too.

    • You sure

    • Well, I have done that and it turned out to be good. I can't safely say it will work for you, but, like I said, if you're okay with being JUST friends, do it. If you like her even the least bit and would like to try and get with her at some point, I suggest you follow different advice as mine will most likely get you in the friend zone (which is only if you want to be there)

  • If you want it as just friends, make it a friend thing. Get a bunch of your friends interested and invite her also. Mutual friends are great by the way. If you're interested in her as more than a friend, movies are one of the worst possible first dates you can go on unless you make it movie and a dinner or something like that and prices just stack up.

    • "If you're interested in her as more than a friend, movies are one of the worst possible first dates you can go on" Right?! First dates are when people get to know each other. Not to stare at a screen in silence with a complete stranger for 2 hours and then go home. I don't know where that cliche comes from.

    • I have no idea, my first date ever was a movie date though. I considered it completely awkward and I knew nothing more about her than I did coming out of it. :P