My boyfriend is mad because he called two days ago...

And then again today and I texted him later and he said he was mad because I should have at least texted him Because it's been two days since he called and I said I didn't know he called and that I would have called him back and he said that doesn't change anything and now he won't return my texts. Can someone explain this to me? What do I do now?


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  • You tell him you didn't respond because you where f***ing the football team. Honestly who gives a f*** this is his deal not yours, his jealousy. Tell him he should stop getting his panties in a bunch, go to target and buy himself a nice pair of big boy pants.

    • Do yu think he'll just get over it?

    • Probably if he didn't care whether he saw you again or not he wouldn't be pissed that your not living at his beck and call... or if he just got some big boy pants I still think that's the best plan :D.

  • Don't overreact , don't text him or call him right now . If you feel really bad , just send a text saying "Sorry I really did'nt receive any call from you " and leave it at that . If he does'nt reply , just leave it , give him some time to cool down . He'll contact you once he's calm .


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