Can guys tell when you're an inexperienced kisser?

I had never been kissed before and my first kiss was given to me by this guy who likes me. He was holding me in his arms, telling me that I was beautiful, and he was caressing my face. At one point, I got lost in his eyes and didn't even realize what he meant when he asked "Can I...?" He kissed me and I just stood there doing nothing because I didn't notice the obvious signs that were in front of me. A while later, he kissed me again. We hugged and after we let go, I turned my head to side and looked away for a couple of seconds. Before I knew it his lips were on me kissing me. This was a spontaneous kiss that I didn't even see coming so when he kissed me, it was too late to do anything. I wanted to kiss him as he was kissing me, but his lips had taken over my lips lol. I feel like I'm bad at kissing but, he's been happy after he's kissed me. Do you think he can tell I'm inexperienced with kissing? Does this usually bother guys or do you not mind?


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  • Kissing, especially the first kiss, isn't really about experience. In that particular moment, he was probably jacked on adrenaline he was focusing more on how great it was to do it far more than analyzing and critiquing your skill level.

    I wouldn't really care if you were experienced or not.


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