What's wrong with him?? (sorry it's so long...its all really complicated :/)

First off, I'm the kind of girl that never really 'commits', but rather talk to a few guys at one time. Usually for my relationships, they don't last long and never get past the "talking stage", mainly due to the fact that I get bored with them, or they just bail out because they figure out I'm just playing them. Horrible, I know, but sometimes I really do like a guy, but never know how to get to the "next level". Probably because I've dealt with some SERIOUS assholes in my past, and I'm using it as a guard. I'm not the kinda girl who bugs a guy 24/7 or gets all googly if he calls or whatever. I don't bug, cause I don't want to be bugged by a guy. I've been told MANY MANY times that I would be a perfect girlfriend, due to the fact that "I love watching football, I like 'doing stuff' (*ahem*...you know what I mean), I'm down to earth, I don't hold grudges, I don't nag, I don't get jealous, I don't deal with or cause BS, I don't trip over stupid sh*t, and I'm really good-looking."


There's this guy that I really like (which in itself is weird to say because I never tell a guy that I like him), and we've been talking since before Christmas. He was suspended from school on drug charges, and he's known to be a serious druggie. As far as I know, he's cut back a LOT since then.

At first I wasn't that sure if I liked him, but the more I talked to him, the more I liked him. He has asked me if I liked him, and surprisingly I said I did. He told me he did too, and we continued talking. He would text or call me all the time, and we'd have everything to talk about. I work a lot at my part-time job, and he doesn't have a job anymore. He would try to hang out with me, but I was either working, or since I've never gotten in that deep with a guy before, I would just say we should chill another time.

I graduated early from high school in January, and he came back from suspension the very next week after I graduated. This is when stuff started to get weird. He stopped talking to me as frequently, and we had less and less to talk about. Then, he just plain out has stopped talking to me.

It hurts because he's seriously the ONLY guy I've really opened up to and I never tell I guy that I like him straight up. I was there for him when he was going through his drug thing, and was honestly the only one who apparently cared for him. He's told me he takes drugs because he feels like his life is f*cked up, but I can't help but think that it's his fault his life is sh*tty.

I've told him I've never done hardcore drugs (I occasionally drink), and I've graduated with a 3.2 and got accepted to LSU in the fall. He's done everything, doesn't do too well in school, got caught with drugs, and doesn't have anything really going for him at all. I want to help him out, but you can't help someone who doesn't want it.

What did I do wrong, or what's going on with him? Should I try and talk to him or should I just wait for him to say something?


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  • hes probably not going to say anything at this point. guys have a tendancy to give up and stay given up. expecially if his life is sh*tty.

    he probably got tired of you never hanging out with him or something really bad happened. its possible he doesn't want to get you caught up in his life. try talking to him. leave him a message once. or text him asking to hang out. if he doesn't answer you can try again in like three weeks.

    honestly tho

    I know you want to help him but don't be with him it will f**k up ur life. I don't know why you are attracted to that kind of guy you can deff do better. and its really not a I need him at this point. it doesn't seem that way. if he doesn't want to hang out with you after texting a few times tell him you just want to help him. he doesn't want to be with you if he doesn't answer you but maybe if he's desperate for help he will accept it.