Online dating, 2 weeks after break-up?

My boyfriend broke up with me 2 weeks ago. We war together for over three years and it was a very important relationship to me. I am still broken hearted. But have decided to try out online dating to distract me. Do you think this is a terrible thing to do?

I feel like I am betraying what I had with my boyfriend. He was my first. I felt deeply in love. But he is gone. I am not sure how do act, really. If this is the right or wrong thing to do. And I feel guilty. But it's good to know other people are interested and the world will go on, even without it.

I am upfront about it though with the guys. And I do not bore them with stories of my past relationship. I don't want to hurt anyone.

If you were my ex and you found out, would you hate me?


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    I never heard of any way to just forget a person, because there isn't.

    There is the only way of doing something instead.

    But, try to think of something, and then try to not to think about it by asking yourself not to think about it (a bit complicated).

    Do not live in your past. Think of what YOU WANT, chatting online will make you chat only to forget.

    Just thing of something you want to do, KNOW that this kind of stuff happens, and there is always someone new, yep, the time it takes to find someone like this is usually great, but won't you have many new experiences till you get there ? I'm DEFINITELY sure you will :)

    Just keep looking at the future, and choose what you want to do, not how to forget your past .

    Good Luck ! Stay on the right track


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  • It's going to be extremely hard for a guy that you will meet. Your conscious and mentality now locked on your xbf (not up to you) I don't know how if any guy would want to hear all this. I mean would you want to hear day and night about guys xgf? how they had the most fun, sex laughs etc..? I wouldn't that would make me feel even worse about my self lol.

    • I know it might be hard for the guys I'm dating. But I'm upfront about it. And after that I don't mention him again. The whole point is to forget him. Get over the pain. But I do feel ind of guilty. And I am not sure it is the right way of dealing with things

    • The right way is to understand what happened, why, so the next time you can prevent that from happening in a first place. Unfortunately there is no escape from what you feel inside. Though when it happened to me, pot and great conversation with my friend helped me a lot THANK YOU POT :) maybe it can help you to. But I do know one thing, you need to talk and someone just have to shut up and listen. If you do so, in few days you will drastically ease your emotional pain.

  • I don't think it's a terrible thing to do or that you are betraying your boyfriend, but I would still advise against this. People on dating sites are looking for relationships, which it doesn't seem like you are ready for yet.


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  • that's what I did and it worked splendidly. I found a better guy and I haven't looked back.

  • No. You need to move on, might as well start there