Will he ever text me?

okay so I was at my friends party and this guy comes up and starts grinding with me and holding my hand for a little bit then later I go out of the party room and he is there looking at me and and it looks like he wants to talk to me but he is to shy to then latter I go back to the party rom and start dancing with my friends then he comes and starts grinding with me again then he stops and at the end of the party I am on the sofa with my friends and comes and sits in the stairs next to the sofa and starts looking at me and then tell me to come over so I go over and he asks for my number so I give it to him and then he says I got to go now and gives me a hug and says ill text you and he leaves so its the night after the party do you think he will ever text me?


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  • I think he will text you. When he will it might be a day or two or maybe a couple of days. Guys like to wait before they text girls. I hope he does text you. It sounds like you guys had a lot of fun dancing.


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