Meeting someone off the Internet? Good idea or not?

I met this guy on the Internet and we've been talking for awhile now. We video chat at least 2-3 times a week (so yes I've seen him on Skype), talk on the phone and text all day everyday. We like each other so we're planning to meet up this summer and go to a beach in you think this is a good idea?

Oh also, I've googled him...(haha hey don't judge, just trying to be careful)


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  • Ive met people I've talked to online so I think its okay. Just make sure you meet them in a public place


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  • It's probably OK. BUT it may be a good idea to meet with him first BEFORE you take off to Florida together. Fefore the WWW was invented and there were several dial up BBSes in the area, there was an immensely popular BBS just out of town (until somebody broke in and stole the sysop's computer equipment). My (younger) brother fell in love with his daughter after informally finding each other many years later over the internet. While I rarely talk to family it appears that their marriage is lasing and they SEEM happy. And they have two kids now.

    So -- good idea? Why not? It's got its possibilities, hence the case study I've described.

    • Your brother fell in love with his daughter? And they have kids?

    • My brother and his daughter are almost the same age. It's not as if she's a minor or anything.

  • Can't say I have heard of very many sucessful stories from such meetings.


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