This girl gave me her number but doesn't pick up?

So this girl gave me her number when we were sitting together. I thought we got a long good, she was asking me questions like she was interested and all that. I asked for her number and she put it in my phone with her name/number. We walked out, she said bye and I said I'd call. A few days later I called her but went to voice mail, so I left one. Didn't hear back. I sent her a text message a few days ago and she didn't reply. What's up here? Give up or try again?


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  • Give up or wait. She could also be busy. In my experience sometimes I wait a while after a guy waits a while to call me either because I feel like the time frame makes a responce too nerve racking, I don't really know what to say, after the time frame I have lost interest, I have forgotten about that guy, or I feel like that guy wasn't that interested or maybe I just wasn't as into that guy. Harsh and I feel horrible for saying this but girls are good at faking interest sometimes.

    • She was on vacation at her family's I didn't want to call while she was with them...

    • It wasn't like I waited out of lack of interest - we were both heading on our vacations.. I gave her a call when she said she was coming back. So wait or don't bother?

  • Shouldn't have waited days to call her. If I haven't heard from a guy by the next day I assume he wasn't interested enough and forget about him.

    • That's quick. She was on vacation with her family - I didn't want to interrupt.

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    • Maybe not delete it, you never know. She could text out of the blue, or maybe you'll text her again one more time and it'll work out.

    • Allright, I'll try that.

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