Would this be a good question to ask her?

I am dating this girl who wants to go really slow with things. I'm kind of afraid we will just get stuck as friends though. I really like her and definitely want a relationship with her but we have only been dating for a couple weeks so it would be too early to talk about that with her. We have kissed once and it was her first kiss ever and same with me... So I have a couple questions:

1) Would asking her "so I'm definitely fine with going slow, but what can we do to make sure we don't get stuck as friends?" be something I could ask her now without getting too awkward?

2) When should I ask her if she is ready to be official...like gf/bf? We have been dating two weeks and she made contact with me over spring break when we could see each other and we talked a lot over break. We also made plans for something 2 months from now so she sees us being together/dating that long. So how many more weeks until I ask her if she wants to be my girlfriend?

Thanks a lot :)


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  • Ermmm, to make sure we don't get stuck as friends? The only thing you can do is to keep showing you are interested. There is no 'make sure thing' with relationship.

    You need to slow down too. I think you are too anxious. If a girl wants to slow down, in any way, she will only accept once she's ready. But I guess a lot of guys will prefer waiting for the girl to pop the relationship question. Cus that's when you know she is ready and really like you a lot to be with you. So you just concentrate on making her like you more and don't think too much about when both of you can be in a relationship.

    • She's never been in a relationship before though and she is really shy, so I wouldn't be surprised if she never asks. That's why I feel like I have to ask it...

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    • "So how many more weeks until I ask her if she wants to be my girlfriend?"

      I'm not planning to ask now. I really do like her and I am ready now for a relationship because we get along great but I know she wants to go slow so that's why I'm going to wait to ask. What I was going to ask her now is if we are going to keep going really slow, what can we do so she doesn't start to think of me as just a friend.

    • If you ask when, there is really no answer or fixed time to pop that question. It is only when it feels right for both of you.

      As for what she thinks, it is really up to her how she feels about you. That is why the most important thing right now is to make her like you more. And how, just observe and casually ask her what she likes to do. Eg. she likes to take a walk, then OK go for a walk with her. When the right time comes, you will know when to ask and you will get the answer.

  • no. just ask her to be exclusive in a couple of weeks to a month. don't be too pushy. You could be actually pushing her away and not know it...Guys that are too pushy I end up being friends with.

    • So I'm respecting her wishes of not going too fast and just asking what we can do to not be stuck as friends, and you think that's being "pushy"? Wow...

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