What does it mean when a guy says lets take it slow see where it goes, guys?


1) been seeing a guy for a month [seriously, dates , PDA's met all his friends, tells me he likes me a hell of a lot, texts me 15 times a day, see each other 4- 5 times a week etc. have sex]

2) he tells me the above question I want to take it slow see wher this goes. WHAT DOES THAT MEAN , because we are having sex.

i would like to be his girlfriend. am I being used what should I do to get him to commit

about a week later he asked me to be his girlfriend


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  • be cool. he is not sure about you. have you given him a blowjob? you said sex so I assume so. You are in a tough spot. legs up but no commit. maybe just ask him.


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  • It means he has no intention of staying with you...you need to plan accordingly, since you can't 'get' anyone to commit! What are you going to do, point a gun at him?

  • he means exactly that


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