When to ask, and how long before second date?

When should I ask her on a second date with me. I had a great for date which was a littler nervous, but really romantic. We basically talked for six hours with no awkward silences. Anyway, she lives 2 and 1/2 hors away. My question is how long before I ask her on date two? How long before date two? I do not want to come off as desperate.

Any answers would help because I worry about this stuff...


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  • Soonish - in my experience, when guys have left it more than a week I get the feeling they're not really that interested in another one; and even if they do ask after this period - well - I'm pretty inclined to say no.

    Maybe just say - fancy doing something together again sometime? - that way she knows you're interested in seeing her again - but if she wants to leave a little distance between the two, she can still say yes, but it doesn't have to mean right away. But essentially - if you want to see her again, let her know - a day or two after is probably a pretty good time.


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  • 3 Days seems to be perfect. By that enough time They won't think that you are not interested and they won't think that you are not too needy.


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  • The next day she should know full well whether or not she ever wants to see you again.

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