Why does he text me everyday? He says he wouldn't be with me!

I have this friend who I have a love / hate relationship with. I told him 3 months ago that I like him. He basically didn't say anything, but then, there was something he got mad at me about and told me he couldn't and wouldn't want to be with me. We quit talking up until just a couple weeks ago. He told me he got told to say "hi" by my brother putting him on the phone. He admitted he wanted to say "hi" and he didn't get told to say "hi" by my brother. Anyways, this friend got my number from my brother and now texts me everyday throughout the day. Asking me what I'm doing. I tell him and talk for a bit and then we won't for a few more hours and he'll text again and ask what I'm up too now. Over the weekend I was hanging out with a best friend whose a guy and this friend of mine kept calling me and leaving voice mails and constantly texting knowing I was hanging out with my best friend and had the nerve to ask who I was hanging out with and asked for his last name. I don't get it.


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  • Sounds like he has commitment issues and a spark of jealousy. I'd say he likes you but is conflicted. You already told him that you like him; maybe remind him of that and tell him you already made that effort to go somewhere with the relationship and if he doesn't do the same you will remain friends/acquaintances.