How many of you are active on dating websites?

do you login on any dating website?if yes which one,

what makes search for a date online?


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  • I joined a dating website but not because I was expecting to find a boyfriend... I just did it because I thought "what if?" you know... I wasn't actively seeking anybody and didn't expect to find anybody b but I just thought what if?

    I met an atheist online and we've been debating religion back and forth for one month now. I really enjoy it. I love to talk about my religion with others... and I don't get opportunities to do it very often.

    I pretty much ignore all the guys on that site who want to date me. I'm there to talk religion lol.

    • ohhhh you must talk to my Professor then...a walking encyclopedia of all religions...loves to debate and talk about religion.

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    • You would ignore a guy even if he is super hot/gorgeous?

    • Yes cause if he is super hot and gorgeous he is probably used to girls hitting on him and won't appreciate me as much as an ugly guy who could never get a hot girl to date him.

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  • Not anymore, I found someone so not there's no need.

  • I have and all the relationships have failed lol of course. But no I am not on any dating website right now.. I did it because I was honestly bored, and trying to pass time. Maybe make a friend or two, just someone to talk to. Its nice talking to someone you don't know and just have a good conversation.

  • I was but then learned they never work

    you're cute


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