GUYS, physically, which girl do you choose?

If you had to choose between having a girl with a big ass, big boobs, a not-so-small waist, and a not-so-flat stomach (meaning its sorta pudgy)


A thin girl with small boobs, a flat stomach, a small waist, and a cute, round ass, which girl would you go for? The girl with bigger boobs and a thicker waist, or the thin girl with small boobs and a flat stomach?


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  • thin girl small bobs flat stomach small waist cute round ass because they are petite cute and generally fun to hug and play with. I don't want to be with a sumo wrestle or someone who would sit on me and break every bone in my body lol. Hope this doesn't offend you.

    • it's actually a compliment....thx..

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  • Well...if the big boobs are bigger than a large C cup then I would go with the smaller boob girl. I don't know why but anything over a large C cup just turns me off for some reason. I don't want a girl with boy boobs I am a boob and ass man

    • So you wouldn't like a girl with an A or B cup sized breasts?

    • No that's not what I am saying. I don't want a girl that is literally flat chested. Why you ask...what size are you?

    • B cup

  • Well for me it's like this...

    -I like a girl who isn't fat (a girl with a little extra weight is fine, but not A LOT).

    -I like a girl with a nice butt. When I say that I mean generally I like them to be round. So if it's bigger but not chunky, I like it. Also, if it's smaller but round/toned I like it.

    -Boobs for me are not a big deal, as long as they compliment a girl's body. My ex had B's, and I really liked them because they were just right for her size.

    -I like a girl with a nice waist, but I actually think a girl with a little more weight towards the waist is hotter than super-skinny.

    I personally think it's MUCH more attractive when a woman has a PROPORTIONATE body rather than a big butt or boobs or skinny waist.

    • I see ur makes sense... thanks for your input.... :)

  • It REALLY doesn't matter for me...physical beauty is a bonus for its the person that I fell for..not the is in the eye of the beholder and fades with the person inside never fades!

  • i like them pudgy, but that just me but the personallity really is what takes the cake

  • Probably the girl with smaller boobs. I only say that because the first girl is hard to imagine. I have seen girls I think are similar to what you've described, and they were attractive, but I'm not totally sure what you mean, so I'm sticking with what I'm pretty sure about.

    • About the first girl, I meant, just a thick girl in general. Not fat, just thick in the waist, thighs, and everywhere else... In other words, do you choose the girl with less meat or more? lol

    • But what I'm trying to emphasize is that your interpretation of "thick" could very well be different than mine. These kinds of things are hard to describe.

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