Did I read this wrong?

I had a first date with a guy I met online. We seemed to really hit it off and aside from an awkward hug at the end, that maybe was supposed to be a kiss but I screwed up, the date went really well. We stayed for a while after finishing our lunch and then he asked if I'd like to take a walk in the park. When I got home I sent him a message thanking him for lunch and letting him know that I'd had a nice time. I got a response that night saying that he'd had a lot of fun hanging out with me and asking for me to let him know when I was free again and he'd come see me and asking what the name of that comedian was that I liked joking that he had some YouTube homework to do. I responded late that evening saying that I'd probably be free Sunday (a week away) if that worked ok.

I saw that he read the message earlier today but didn't respond. Was he maybe just being nice but really wasn't interested in a second date?

He signed in again today, but still didn't answer. I guess I just find it strange to joke about a shirt he had that related to a movie we liked, and say in a later message to let him know when I was free and he'd wear it next time we went out. I can understand trying to politely ignore someone, but why say all those things to begin with then?


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  • Yes, but guys frequently don't answer quick enough for the girls interested in them... Just wait, if you haven't heard anything in a week, then I guess you read him wrong (I would have too)... I think you read his actions correctly... the waiting is the hardest part.

    Good luck,



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  • guys don't usually act "overly nice" unless they're trying to get in your pants. is he that type? he doesn't sound like it. in some ways, guys are actually pretty honest. I mean like the genuinely good ones don't try to or even know how to play games. if he didn't reply, he was probably just busy and will probably reply later. I don't think he was trying to play you or whatever.