Need some serious help with girls?

Okay so I have been on a couple dates, but still a virgin and never had a girlfriend. Well there were a few times when I look back that I could have gotten laid, but due to being ignorant and lack of skill I couldn't really get to the "finish line" so to speak. Two of the girls that when analyzing the past dates I probably could have gotten laid by are in my class. Now that I screwed up it's like how do I get the opportunity again, because now they have moved on and won't give me the time a day. There is this other girl in my class that I find attractive, don't know if she likes me or not there were some signs. She mainly talks to the other guys in class and won't talk to me unless I talk to her. One thing is I don't know if she has a boyfriend or not. I don't know if I should approach her and ask her out, then comes the hard part that is if she doesn't reject me, figuring out what she is looking for a one night stand or a relationship. I am up for either one, but just don't know how to go about either one sine I am inexperienced in either "arena."

Looking for tips on both situations.


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  • Facebook stalk the girl you don't know very well. seriously. add her and just check it out.


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