Is online date into me?

I met this guy online who seems nice (and hot) went on a date, kissed but did nothing else. He told me he wanted to see me again yet I didn’t hear anything from him at all until much later the next day. I text him first and he text me back about 4 hours later. (This is my ultimate pet peeve btw). I text him the next day and heard absolutely nothing back. (This was on the Thursday) I did see that he’d visited my online profile though a couple times.

I got a message last night (the following Monday) asking how I was and that he’d lost his phone on the Saturday evening. But he could have easily text on the Friday beforehand or sent me a message via the site earlier.

Am I wasting my time with this guy or am I simply over reacting?


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  • You're just simply overreacting missy.

    If it bothers you, let him know that you would like and appreciate it if he would message via online when the phone isn't available. Most guys don't think about it like that.. You and him both need to speak up.


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  • Texting should never be taken seriously. But this guys definitely in to you.


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  • I think you're overreacting. He's obviously into you if he's checking in on you. You shouldn't get mad if it takes him longer to text back sometimes. Not everybody is glued to their phone and some people have busy lives.