How long before I should ask for second date?

I do not want to look too desperate since I live 2 hours away from her, but I really like her. I got lots of good feedback from our first date. How long before you think our second date should be? Our last one was on Friday. one week, 2 weeks, 2 1/2 weeks?


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  • You should start solidifying the second date right after the first date. By that I meen as you walk her to her door/car/the bus, if you really like her, tell her that you really enjoyed yourself and that you enjoyed her and her company. Then you say," I really want to see you/take you out again." Judging by her body language, see wether or not she feels the same way, then add," So when's good for you?"(or suggest a certain date) Make sure that it's no more than 2weeks away from the first date or the flame starts to die.

    • Thanks fir the BA bro. I'm glad that I could help. If you need anything else just hit me up.

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  • If you like her, don't wait. What's the point in waiting? If your date went as well as you think it did, then she is prob obsessing over it and hoping that you will ask her out again.

  • Is this who I think it is?

    • most likey not...

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    • most likley not. That's what I meant

    • Ha, okay brotha! Gotcha. Love your spelling (: haha

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