Which girl would you rather date?

Girl A:

Looks: Medium height. Medium sized boobs and booty. :) Long, pretty brown hair. Not as pretty of a face though. Braces. High voice. Big, brownish-hazel eyes.

Personality: Can talk about anything with you. She enjoys puppies and small children, and is easy to please. Is smart, but not funny. Sweet. Lets guys touch her inappropriate places, though. Easy to talk to. More positive I guess to be around, happy go lucky but still has serious hatred for people. She gets nervous around you. She's sweet to you and like I said, lets you touch her.


Girl B:

Looks: Medium length, soft yet light blond hair. Short. Big boobs. Medium booty. Proportionate. Pretty teeth. Pretty face. Soft and sweet voice. Big, pretty blue eyes.

Personality: Can also talk about anything, but carries herself differently that girl A. In the debate she'd be more opinionated, but less pushy. Extremely funny. Clever. Can sometimes get emotional if you piss her off though. DOES NOT let guys touch her, and trusts herself to do the right thing more than Girl A. More romantic. Uses her eyes to flirt. You also know her better. She mentioned that when she's alone or with close friends that she enjoys running around in her underpants. Lots of funny stories when she's around.


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  • no Girl C? not much to choose from.


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  • Girl B: She seems more fun and entertaining to be around. Girl A seems too shy/unconfident. I don't like someone who hates people either.

  • I guess I'll go with Girl B. Both had things that I liked and didn't like, but those are my only options.


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  • Let me guess, you're girl B.

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    • On occasion I can be, but to stop things from getting on a bad note, I'd just rather wait for a guy that really loves me. That's all.

    • Lol oh sh*t, do you go to Ohio State?