I've been seeing this guy for about a month, I usually hear from him at the start of the week but nothing yet

So I've been seeing this guy for about a month, I usually hear from him at the start of the week, this week I haven't heard from him yet, its Wednesday where I am. So should I be worried? Am I overreacting?

If I'm not and he doesn't call should I bother chasing it up, find out why, or just let it go?


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  • Well from what I've learned, One call is not hunting someone down. If it has been a few days then I would call him just to say hey. I wouldn't put the spot light under him and have 20 questions ready to go out the gate. This does 2 things. one it eases your mind. A girl has been ignoring me recently but that's the thing. I didn't know she was ignoring me till I tried to get in contact with her. Now that I know I can give her the space she wants. 2 It lets the other person know you want to talk to them with out smothering them. Don't call 20 times if they don't pick up the first time. This is the day of technological repetition. One phone call creates a dozen you missed a call signals. They will know you called and you know that they know. So it paints a very clear picture that you tried to talk to them. He knows he missed your normal day to call each other. No doubt but If he wants to tell you he will. Keep the call short too unless he continues it.

    Two thins to take from this. One call isn't hunting him down, 2 Don't force him to tell ya, Nothing good ever comes from demanding answers and jumping to conclusions.


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  • I don't know the situation.. But I can think of two scenarios

    1. He's losing interest in you for some reason

    2. Maybe he's waiting for you to make the first move for once...? Are you always relying on him to give first contact? If so.. You might want to reconsider.. Most guys do not like that for long..

  • You're over-reacting.

    It's been said many times on this website, but it bears repeating. Guys do not measure time the way girls do, when it comes to relationships and communication. Calm down.

    If you are going to insist on playing that game where the girl must never ever initiate contact, then you *have* to accept that he will contact you on a sporadic guy-schedule, where two days is nothing. It's been known for guys to go as long as 2 weeks without contact, though hardly ever in the "honeymoon" phase and you have only been seeing him for a month, so I doubt it would go that long.

    Two simple choices - either accept communication on his terms, or don't play that silly game where only the man is allowed to call.


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