Guys: I've been single for 4 years, would this bother you?

I am a tall (6foot) 23year old and since I split with my 1st serious boyfriend I have been single. I have started seeing someone new but our experience levels differ drastically and we haven't done much up to now because I was hurt physically in my last relationship so I am a little freaked out by being intimate with someone.

Would this put you off?


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  • I think that you need to tell this guy you have issue regarding being physically intimate but that you still want to be with him (if you do infact want that). Then you need to work out with him what his needs are and if you can fill those needs with him not being in control.

    Most girls with abuse issues have problems with the control they lose from a guy being on top of them during sex. Its likely that on order to get past your "freakout" you will need to probably have to take charge and be dominant when physical intimacy happens so that you can have things on your terms.

    Its mean of me to say but I have run away from a relationship with a woman who had been abused and resolved her control problem with chains & handcuffs. I draw the line at restraints. It was not for me. But most of the running on my part was because she kinda sprung it on me instead of discussing it first. I only found out what happened to her and put all the pieces together after finding out from one of her friends much later on.

    You need to communicate with him and discuss your needs and his needs for things to work.

    • Thanks, I am going to talk to him this weekend when I see him next. :) I feel better about talking to him now

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  • at least you've had a boyfriend before, I've never had a girlfriend before in my entire life, better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all, also, to be honest, I find tall girls very hot, beautiful, attractive, I never do height discrimination

  • A little at first bt then if you would open up to me about year past I would give you ample amount of time to cope up with the new relation and let timw build year confidence in me and hopefully within a month or tqouwud be closer to me then you vr with year last bf

  • I'd be more concerned about your height, most women prefer men taller than her! I am 5'6 been rejected a lot by women shorter than ME, because they want a 6'+ guy


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