How can I get my boyfriend to kiss me when we're standing?

If we're sitting or lying down he'll kiss me no bother. However, when we're standing he's a foot taller than me (i'm 5' 3, he's 6' 4). But I think it'd be nice for him to bend down and kiss me :P how do I hint at this?

i wouldn't mind him pushing me against a wall either... :L


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  • well when your with him, look up at him and ask him to come closer, keep at him until he does, then just say, "while your down here" and then lick your lips, if he still don't reply, just say, "kiss me already jeez" or shout, "oi lofty, these lips get lonely down here,", good luck,x


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  • Just ask him for a hug and then when he bends down pull him down and kiss

    Thts what my girl used to do


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  • My boyfriend is also tall he's 6'6 and I'm 5'3. my boyfriend usually hugs me but at the same lifts me to place me near his mouth lol. but my advice is to try to ask him for a kiss while standing you know maybe by saying ' I would love to have a kiss from you right now lol or if it doesn't work just jump hug him and kiss him lol

    • i'm a bit heavy to jump on him lol, thanks though :)

  • stand on your tippy toes and tip your face to him