Got myself into a little love triangle (square?) without even realizing it...

Ill try to make this short. Pretty much I just feel bad Because no matter what I'm going to hurt one, possibly 2 guys.

November. Guy #1 and I started to have a thing and we still doubt we don't talk a lot. he's a sophomore an I'm a junior and he was kinda hinting at me asking him to prom last week. I thought I would just get over him but yesterday he told me I looked stunning (lame I know) and I just got all sweet hearted again...

Guy #2 likes me and honestly I kind of like him. But he's my friends ex. Also I'm hanging out with him this weekend to try to set my bff up with his friend.

Guy#3. he's the guy who I'm setting my bff up. He doesn't know and I'm starting to think he really likes me.. Also he's become a really good friend of mine.

What do I do? Help?


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  • At the end regardless of someone is going to get hurt so go with your heart or chose no one at the end of the day not everyone is going to be pleased.

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