Prom? Ladies? Gentlemen?

Is Prom a big deal for you? I mean I'm a sophomore, and this is my first time going to prom, and I was just wondering, do you all enjoy it? Or is it just another reason to get laid? I mean I think it should be romantic, and wonderful and special. Out there on that dance floor with the one person you love? Right? Some think ya know after the dance they will go to a hotel and get some, well I don't think that's the way it should be, but some girls in my class think otherwise...

I feel kinda pressured only because I vow that I will not get intimate with anyone until after I'm married...Do you think my boyfriend will try this on me? I know we have talked a little about it, but not much...advice? Should I give in? Should I stay pure?


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  • If you could go you should go ahead and go or wait till your senior year.

    • thank you, I ended up going, and it was the time of my life, I had the best time :)

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