How would you go about telling your family that you someone online and are in a relationship with them?

There is such a stigma behind online dating.

So my family is very traditional and thinks online dating is a joke. However even though online dating isn't conventional I have tried it a few times. I briefly dated one guy a few years ago who I met through on online dating site. I lied and told my parents that I met him through friends. Well I have decided to try it again and I met a really nice guy and we seem to have hit it off. When the time comes to tell my family I have no idea what to say assuming things work out. I don't want to lie about it because that seems like a good way to poison a relationship. But I want them to give him a chance because I know how skeptical they can be about guys I date anyway. I fear that they would be even worse if they knew I met him online.


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  • How to go about telling family this? Just being honest and direct.


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