How to take charge in the relationship?

I'm a passive guy and I try to make the best choices that will help my girlfriend the most. But now, well, she wants me to take charge in the relationship. I have know idea where to start to be honest. It's pathetic that I have no idea on what to do. I just really need someone to point me in the right direction.

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Thanks everyone.


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  • Haha this is kind of cute :)

    Well for one you just have to get used to leading, I know it can be hard and I really feel for ya :/

    Like in swing dance the majority of leads are males and follows are females, I tried leading once it was hard stuff, I mean you have to make sure the follow does not run into a pole or another couple and you have to get creative with the way you move her.

    Think of it like dancing. You have her in your arms ready to follow what steps you might make her do next (and no she's not a complete robot she can also do some fancy moves within your moves). You have to be careful with her make sure she does not get hurt, aka make her feel protected like you would crush any arse hole who would want to mess with her (which I am sure you would anyways), and be spontaneous in the way that you move her or what you guys do together.

    Take charge, rev her up, and wow her.

    And honey just like dancing it takes practice so don't get daunted if it's difficult at first, also as for suggestions :)

    • Also TRUST is a huge factor because you have to trust that your lead won't drop you, and COMMUNICATION since all movement is made through the connection you have and you have to make sure she gets your cues.

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  • Sounds like she's kinda a sub, just try initiating everything.

    Date Idea: Kidnap her. Take her somewhere in the middle of the night. You have complete control, dominance and it's pretty romantic.


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  • No problem bro... buy Doc Loves book "The System"... It will change your life...and you will see the light!

  • i think they mean making the plans and decisions, moves