Should I call first for leaving her hanging, or should she call me first for basically taking advantage of me?

My girlfriend and I have been dating for about 4 months. The first three were wonderful, the occasional fight but nothing too serious. The last month, however, was so hellish that we basically broke up 4 times and then made up. Now we're back together and things are again taking a hellish turn.

Here are the issues that I need some help figuring out:

1) She's obsessed with some Asian celebrities and always tells me how 'hot they are and how much she adores them'. This is just a fantasy, I know, since she's not likely to meet any Asian guy, let alone celebrity, anytime soon. However, I find it disrespectful. Something along the lines of: " check out this guy, the boyfriend of my dreams. Oh and you're not him by the way ". How should I play this out ?

2) She sometimes ignores me in public to talk to some classmates/friends of hers. I am the lonely wolf type, and I can easily ignore everyone else and dedicate myself to her. I'm always there for her, and it seems she's taking me for granted. Sometimes she even sings on the phone despite me growling for her to stop. How can I reverse roles here ?

3) And now, the final one to which I'll use this day's events as an example:

She BARKED at me to " shut up " and to " leave me " while we both were quite pressed, she apologized because I got really f***ing mad seeing as under absolutely no circumstance I would tell her to shut the f*** up. She apologized, but didn't seem too much into the apology itself. Being the... doormat ( I believe that p**** type of boyfriend is called ) I forgave her seeing as we've been together for a couple days and I did not want to break up again. And then, right before some activity at the school library, an unexpected period appeared and she did not have the necessary 'tools' to handle it. As I had something to buy for myself, she asked me to get this womanish contraption she required. But before I left, she told me that I would find her at the library, to which I replied by saying I would be about half an hour late. I bought what I had to, then went back to school. A mate told me that indeed, she was at the library. I waited for about ten minutes, then went after her, signaled her to come outside and got to waiting. I waited for ONE f***ING HOUR and she still did not come out. Then, most of the attendees left, about a third remained at the library, herself included. I once again went inside and gave her an ultimatum: come outside right now or I'm leaving. Needless to say, she did not. I mean, man, she was bleeding on that freaking chair and didn't have the decency to come and take her stuff despite me waiting one and a half hours ? And then I left. I've been home for about two hours and I'm pretty sure she's been home for about one and a half and neither my phone or hers rang.

This is reaching ridiculous heights. Should I call first for leaving her hanging or should she call me first for basically taking advantage of me ?

dang, word limit reached. Anyone can share his wisdom ?

Additional info:

- we're both 17. ( Yes, I know, I'm taking some high school 'relationship' too seriously but damn, I really love her )

- Regarding the who calls first. After any of the 'afore mentioned occasional fights, I would ALWAYS be the one who calls first and now I'm not so sure I want to make her the dominant one anymore.


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  • If you're having this many problems already, move on. Things will only get worse over time.


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