When do you think I can kiss her again?

Ok so me and this girl kissed a while ago. Just a simple peck but it was really meaningful because it was her first kiss ever. After our date she said how she isn't ready to start kissing yet. Even though she didn't hesitate to kiss me the first time. So since then I haven't kissed her yet... when do you think I should try to kiss her again? Like how many dates later? Should I ask first? Should I just go for it?


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  • Just let her get more comfortable around you first. Go slow - kiss her forehead or cheek. Play with her hand/fingers. And like the other girl said, there is no right time. When she seems to feel comfortable, go for it. or you could always just ask. "i'm going to kiss you right now, if that's OK with you." <--I've always thought that's cute when a guy does that.

  • she may not be interested. osrry

    • We are still dating and talking every day. The reason she said she isn't ready for kissing yet is because she is uncomfortable with it...I was her first kiss ever and she smiled so much after the first kiss and another thing that made it really obvious she liked the kiss. So does that change your answer at all?

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    • Please don't feel that way. We all get rejected. You'll have a better feel next time

    • But why does she go on 4 dates with me, say she has a great time every time and I know she does, and extend dates by renting movies and stuff? We've spent 26 hours together on the 4 dates and then this...can you please answer my really long question? I just posted it in the behavior section and it's title "what does this text mean?" It would mean a lot to me but I know it's long so don't worry about it if it's too long...

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