My fiances best friend tried to kiss me and I think he wanted to do more

We had him over the other night and as my fiance sometimes has to work at night, I was alone with him.

He was a bit drunk, so I offered he could stay in your guest room. When I went to ask if he needed anything else before I go to bed he suddenly came towards me, pulled me in and started kissing me. What was even worse he tried to get his hands under my shirt. I tried to get away but he just didn't let me go.

The thank go someone was at the door. afterward I just went into our bedroom and locked the door. The next morning he was gone before I woke up.

I wonder if I should tell my fiance about this. I know he was drunk but what he did was still bad.I really want to tellhim, but on the other hand I don't want them to fight becauseof me.


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  • its difficult when something like that happens, but a good thing to do would be to confront this guy on his own and tell him that if anything like that happens again, you won't hesitate on telling your partner, or yes you could just tell him and hope nothing gets out of hand, but letting this one time pass won't make you the bad man/woman, I know yo umust feel as you would be keeping something from your partner, but as long as you make it clear to this guy that he was out of order and still have not made up your mind whether to tell your partner or not, he should comply to your expectations, good luck,x


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  • Yes tell your fiance. What if he tries to do that again? Maybe he needs to get his ass kicked by your fiance to learn not to kiss his best friend's girl. If one of my friends did that id be pissed as hell.


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  • I think you should definitely tell your fiance. How long ago did this happen? The friend could decide that he thinks you're going to tell your fiance, and decide to tell him that YOU came on to HIM instead. Plus, the situation itself sounds like it really could have escalated.. what if this happens again, and the doorbell doesn't ring? He could really end up taking advantage of you...

    I'd at least try to tell your fiance, and just try to down play it a little bit if you're worried about the two of them getting into a fight... it's really not your fault though... so I wouldn't be too concerned.

  • He had not right to do what he did, especially when you were actively trying to get away. His behavior is inexcusable and you should tell your fiance. The fight wouldn't be because of you, it would be because of his disgusting behavior.

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