I like one girl, but another one might be crushing on me. What do I do?

So I've been seeing one girl I met from a party for a couple weeks now. We've been cuddling, kissing, having sex. However we've never really had the talk on where we stand in regards to relationships. We've never used the L word so I'm sure we are not in a relationship and I never asked her to be my girlfriend. As much as I like this girl, I do not want to be in a relationship with her because she smokes a pack a day and I don't like cigarettes.

She's coming over tonight for some fun and to hang out. What do I tell her? I don't want her feelings to grow for me and get hurt if I tell her I don't want to be in a relationship. (although I don't know if she has even considered the idea of me being her boyfriend at all).

On the other hand, there's this other girl from school who I know from a circle of friends. She is prettier and doesn't smoke. I asked her out a couple weeks ago for some lunch/coffee and she said yes. We have a date tomorrow.

I've never had to juggle between two girls before ever. For most of my life I've been the shy sweet guy who no girls ever winds up dating. Now I feel like a heartless player. But now I'm not sure how to handle this. I don't want either girl to find out about the other one.


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  • If you like both of them... Date both of them. Nothing wrong with dating several girls at once...at least until one of them asks to be exclusive. There are no rules for dating multiple people... Only having multiple "girl friends" is not cool unless you're a player. Women do it all the time... and the guy is the one doing all the work and spending all the money! These girls get to have a good time on the date..and probably free food! Don't feel sorry for them. If they know you are dating other girls...Great! they will work much harder for you..Heck... they might even start asking you out on dates! Have fun man.

  • Sorry.. I some how missed the first sentence. I see you are just friends with benefits with the current girl. First... you don't invite her over. Tell smoking girl the truth..stop having relations with her..and go date the prettier..smoke free girl.

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