He talks about us having a future together but...?

I've known this guy for about 5 months now and we have been hanging out, but we do express interest in each other. he is being deployed in a couple of weeks, which is mainly why we are not committed. we talk on the phone a lot and have grown to trust each other. about 3 months into our "flirtationship" we started talking about our own visions of where we want to be in the future, and soon after that he starts commenting about him marrying me and having kids and such. he is a romantic and I'm more of a grounded person, so I have trouble gauging where he is at. when I asked why he feels the way he does, he said he feels like he can trust and depend on me, and that I have goals and we relate culturally. according to my friends, I am the "best friend" kind of person, meaning they feel like they can open up to me and trust me. but I have told him I'm not sure how I feel, and he said no worries and we could be best friends. I'm only 20 and he's 23, and I've never had a relationship which is why I'm hesitant.also I know that guys don't think about commitment until a lot of time is invested into a relationship. also, we Haven't even kissed yet, even though he talks about it. we talked about when he comes back in a few years where we would be in life and hopefully pick things back up then. so I guess my question is do I have a reason to not believe him and how he feels because its so soon and we're not really dating? and why hasn't he kissed me yet? (I don't want to bring it up and rush things. there has to be a reason that he hasn't yet.)


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  • Some guys just prefer to take things really really slow.


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