What are some Q's to ask a guy when texting?

Question says it. Can be anything.


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  • keep it brief, that's what textings for, not for long convos or answers, I only have 120 character limit every message, so just ask like how you doing and such

    • But we usually talk throughout the day, so sometimes I don't know what to say to keep the convo going, he tries but yah, I just want a few ideas

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    • Who the hell wants to talk on the phone. I use my hands a lot and when I talk to poepl I prefer to look them in the eyes and know I have their full attention. if I'm talking on the phone I can't be sure what he's doing. so texting is beter because we can both do whatever and not have to worry about it. so yeah if you call me chnaces are I'll text you and say I'm to busy to talk even when I'm not-

    • Well texting is good, but to an extent, if you really need to talk to someone, then youd call them, especially in an emergency, what happens if you're in one and you can't text, but you can call, do you call then?

      calling is usually always better than when you can't be with them, texting is just for small things, like hey what's up

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